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 iSnow's Gm App. :p

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iSnow's Gm App. :p Empty
PostSubject: iSnow's Gm App. :p   iSnow's Gm App. :p Icon_minitimeSun Oct 05, 2008 1:09 am

Real Name: Matt/ Matteiu. Whichever :p

IGN name: SnowAngel

Where u live: New York

How much u play a day: On weekdays, approximately 4-6 hours. Weekends, about 10pm-5am (I'd be the insomnia gm xD)

Whats your experience: I've had my own private server before, .55, which I eventually patched to .59. I've also played GMS for about 3 years so. I'm also somewhat familiar with java and a little c++.

Have you ever been a GM before: If we're not counting my server, I've only been a GM only once. It was on Surreal Ms before it became inactive and shut down :[

Write down the commands that you know: I only know the most frequently used commands like !goto -town name here-, !map -id of map here-, !item -id of item here-, !zakum, !pap, !horntail, !pianus !nxslime. !warp -ign of player here-, !warpallhere, !warpto- -ign of player here- !spawn -id of monster here- -amount of monster here- -hp of monster here- -exp of monster here-, !ban(lol) -ign of player here- !killall, !heal, !leeton/off (my favorite :]). These are what I could think of off the top of my head. I'd refer to my GM handbook when I'm at a memory loss for commands/ids.

Why do you want to be a GM: Mainly for the enjoyment of helping people and being a gm, people will know me better so it'd be easier to make friends. I could also be a bit supportive with the knowledge I know on scripting npc's and such.

And how long have you been playing FateStory: For a whooole day. Unless FateStory isn't Dagon story o.o.
Well, I'm applying for either server.
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iSnow's Gm App. :p
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